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Let me do it quick

Hi! This is just a quick update. Well it’s 4:38 in the morning here and I’m still awake because I am making or trying to make rather, our paper works for our research. And yeah. Haven’t finished the first chapter yet and it’s so frustrating.

I’ve been a fan of procrastination but right now i hate the thought of it. Hope we can do this later. My group’s actually too lazy and since I’m the leader I get to do almost all of the stuffs.

So yeah. As I said this is just a quick update. I need to sleep coz I still have class later.

Goodnight! Wish me all the best!

— H xx





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Done with exams and school stuffs for now so I guess I better treat myself. (I’m just making an excuse for drinking caffeine even though it’s not good for me) so yeah! CHEAT DAY!! ✌️ 

Anyways we are our university’s champion during our university week 👊
I’m on a break. Yeah break. Study break. HAHA. Okay kidding aside, I have two major exams tomorrow. One for Business Law and the other for Business Ethics. I think my minds gonna explode. 🔫

Haven’t finished reading busLaw now even a halfway through. Huhu. I’ll be staying up late. Really really late tho to finish this. I cant mess this up. And I wont!! 👊👊

Anyways just posted this for an update and yeah. I gotta study again. Ta ta 👋

- H xx


Okay. I’m stuck in traffic and I really need to be at EON Centennial Hotel to submit our letter for our research. I keep telling myself to be more patient but ugh!! How can I?? I left at around 4 from our apartment and I’m just a kilometer away for the past one and a half hour.

I’m with Essie and she still have a class 6 mins from now and we aren’t even halfway through. Ughh. This is so frustrating. Other passengers just walked because it’s too slow. I wanted to walk but I cant because I’m wearing a casual dress and it’s raining. Having the best of luck? Not yet. There’s more. As I’ve said i need to send a letter to EON for our research and I still need to meet the general manager for approval and scheduling our next meeting. But because of what happened I may end up submitting the letter only and return by tomorrow to talk to the manager. That’s it if the hotel’s front desk officer would allow.

Fingers crossed.