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Clouded. Wired.

Been out for quite a while. I know I’ve been busy but this time I’m fvcking screwed.

I don’t like what’s happening right now and I should’ve stopped this to happen but I cant. I was just so damned. I’m all screwed up and broken and fvcked up. Man, what to do? Life is really unfair. Too cliche but that’s just it. It’s plain bullcrap. Ugh.

Need to ball up and get ready for some explaining and idk man. I’m stupid. In a handful and idk what to do. Really 😤😭

“There are times when you just wanna give it all up and tell the world to suck it”

Let me do it quick

Hi! This is just a quick update. Well it’s 4:38 in the morning here and I’m still awake because I am making or trying to make rather, our paper works for our research. And yeah. Haven’t finished the first chapter yet and it’s so frustrating.

I’ve been a fan of procrastination but right now i hate the thought of it. Hope we can do this later. My group’s actually too lazy and since I’m the leader I get to do almost all of the stuffs.

So yeah. As I said this is just a quick update. I need to sleep coz I still have class later.

Goodnight! Wish me all the best!

— H xx